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Addressing Critical Custody Issues
May 2nd, 2018

With so much emotion, and so much on the line, child custody issues can require a lot of legal assistance, especially as life circumstances change. At the Bashore Green Law Group, we are here to help you through this stressful time, guiding you along the way so you know what to expect.

Once a set visitation schedule has been determined, the parents are obligated to comply with the schedule. The custodial parent cannot refuse to provide a scheduled visit, while the non-custodial parent cannot refuse to return the child. Violating visitation rights can result in serious consequences, including being found in contempt of court, or in severe cases, criminal implications.

Co-parenting from different states
It is not uncommon for parents to live in different states after a divorce. It’s important to note that a child custody order in one state is valid and enforceable in most other states. Custodial parents must seek permission from the trial court before relocating the children to another state. If the parents with either joint physical, or joint legal, custody lived within 100 miles of each other at the time of the initial custody order, either parent must petition the court before they move beyond that 100-mile limit.

Modifying visitation
It is common for parents to seek modification of child visitation as life situations change. Because it is so important that minor children have stability in their lives, a modification of custody may not be appropriate in some instances. You should contact us at Bashore Green to discuss your specific circumstances.

Parental kidnapping
Unfortunately, parental kidnapping can occur in child custody disputes between parents. There are often severe consequences to this, but it is important to understand what is considered parental kidnapping. There are three primary factors that determine this. The legal standing of the involved parent is relevant. If there are custody court orders in effect with the child that has been taken, this is included as parental kidnapping. The intent of the parent that has violated the law may lead to more, or less, severe consequences. In some circumstances, there may have been a misunderstanding and not a kidnapping at all. It is important to contact us to let us help during this time. In the case of parental kidnapping, the affected parent should plan to later petition for a different custody arrangement to prevent a repeat incident. Being charged for parental kidnapping usually causes a loss of custody or a change in visitation for the parent charged with the crime.

Child custody issues can be very serious with major consequences to all parties involved. At Bashore Green, we work hard to educate you on your rights and fight for you as you seek the best custody arrangement for your household, while watc

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