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Employment Law
Our Labor and Employment practice is dedicated to handling the civil litigation of cases involving discrimination and unfair labor practices toward individuals. We represent individuals and businesses in discrimination actions (sex, race, color, harassment, national origin, religion, age and disability), unfair labor practices (denial of wages, overtime and equal pay), denial of leave (Family Medical Leave Act) or being retaliated against for asserting their rights.

Workplace Violations
State and federal laws such the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Prevailing Wage laws, and the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) shield workers from workplace abuses. In some situations, it is apparent that an employee's rights have been violated, but in other cases, those violations are much more subtle and can be difficult to prove in court.

Employment Agreements
When contracts are breached, especially an executive employment contract, legal representation for both the employee and the employer is necessary, no matter which party is responsible for the contract breach. The consequences can be serious, and these cases require guidance and direction from a knowledgeable professional experienced in navigating the ins and outs of employment law.

Employment Discrimination
Employee discrimination is one of the most common violations of employees' rights, and happens when an employer harasses or treats an employee unfairly because of his or her race, disability, color, age, religion, height, gender, weight, or national origin. Unwelcome sexual advances or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment can also constitute sexual harassment. Sexual harassing behavior ranges from repeated offensive jokes to a workplace full of pornography to outright sexual assault. Sexual harassment is prohibited by the federal Civil Rights Act of 1991 as well as state laws.

Discrimination against employees can occur in many ways: not hired, not promoted, denied equal pay for equal work, harassed on the job, subjected to inappropriate jokes or inappropriate touching, discharges, not paid wages or overtime, denied of leave, and denied the opportunity to work in an environment free of harassment and retaliation.

If you have been the victim of discrimination, or if your business is the target of such an accusation, you need to act quickly.

Other Employment Agreements & Disputes
Sometimes employment disputes arise from business operations, workplace policies, and day-to-day operations, and compensation structures, with issues involving:
  • Breach of non-compete agreements
  • Breach of confidentiality agreements
  • Sales commission disputes
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
  • Minority shareholder disputes
  • Stock Options
  • Performance Awards
  • Claims arising under FMLA
  • Whistleblower retaliation

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