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Police Misconduct
Most police officers and prison officials respect the rights of citizens and uphold their duty to protect our safety. Unfortunately, there are times when police officers act beyond their authority. Police brutality often takes the form of excessive use of force, improper arrests, or improper denial of medical treatment. The use of excessive force can result in gunshot injuries, broken bones, lacerations and other physical injury. Improper arrests can lead to public humiliation, emotional suffering, wrongful incarceration, the loss of a job, and many other forms of harm.

Police officers and correctional facilities generally have broad powers to carry out their duties. The U. S. Constitution and other federal and state laws place limits on how far police can go in trying to enforce the law. When police officers go too far and violate your rights, you may have recourse through these laws.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of police misconduct, contact us to protect your rights. We will meet with you for a free, no-risk consultation. After learning about your case, we can explain to you your legal rights for recovery. We represent the victims of police misconduct on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no fee to us unless we recover compensation for our clients.

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