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Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys in Bloomfield Township

Many types of personal injury claims exist these days, including auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and class action lawsuits. With class action lawsuits, you can take on the large corporations; multi-million-dollar privately-owned entities. A class action lawsuit is filed when a large number of people have been affected by a faulty design product, for instance, leading to injuries and possibly death. If you find yourself in such circumstances, it’s time to seek out our Bloomfield Township class action attorneys.

Examples of Class Action Lawsuits:

  • Product Liability Claims
  • Consumer Protection Claims
  • Employment Claims
  • Shareholder & Securities Claims
  • Commercial Transaction Claims
  • Numerous other cases where people have benefited from bringing a class action lawsuit.
Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer

When multiple people come together against a company or business, they force that company to take notice. At Bashore Green, our Bloomfield Township class action lawsuit attorneys have been handling and litigating class action lawsuits for years. Whether the company is large or small, and in any area or industry, we have the expertise to take them on.

How a Michigan Class Action Works

By their very nature, class action lawsuits are important cases. This is because they impact the rights of hundreds, or possibly thousands of people. The damages are often in the millions of dollars. When a claim is made against a major company or corporation, it may or may not be headed for a class action lawsuit. Before a class action can be filed, the prospective plaintiffs (that would be thousands of people) must prove it is necessary, which is known as certifying the class.

It is then up to the courts to determine whether this class-certification is appropriate for a class action lawsuit. Once a court certifies the class, the pre-trial discovery begins. During this phase, documents and evidence are requested by both sides to ascertain as much about the case as possible.

Once the pre-trial discovery process has ended, both parties enter into settlement negotiations. As with other types of lawsuits, many class action lawsuits never go to trial. The parties may agree on a resolution. This is where you need the skills of an attorney in Bloomfield Township filing a class action lawsuit. Your lawyer should be one who has taken on the large class action lawsuits before and who will advocate aggressively on behalf of the many people he or she represents.

Bashore Green Has the Trusted Attorneys You Need

There is much that goes into any class action lawsuit. These types of lawsuits require a high level of skill and dedication going forward. When you need an attorney in Bloomfield Township to file a class action lawsuit, we have the experience and the settlements to show for it. You know that any major corporation or large company can have seemingly limitless legal resources at their disposal. They can use this to divert the truth not only from the public but also from those directly affected by their actions.

At Bashore Green, we have recovered millions of dollars for individuals and families with a class action lawsuit. We understand that there is no across-the-board definition of a favorable outcome, but if you are in a situation where you are part of a lawsuit, you want a Bloomfield Township class action lawsuit lawyer who will put your priorities first.

You pay nothing until we win your case. For more information, contact us today and discover how our team is ready to fight for you.

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