Business consulting

Small businesses need all the help they can get these days. At Bashore Green, we know what it’s like to run a small to mid-sized business and how difficult it has been over the last several months.

Keep in mind that our team is here to help you with any business legal needs as well as auto, truck or motorcycle accidents or other non-vehicular accidents. But we also like to share any businesses resources we feel would be helpful. One such resource in Oakland County is the One Stop Shop Business Center is here to help. 

The county’s staff of business counselors has over 75 years of combined small business experience and access to some of the most powerful market research, data analysis and business tools currently available. This counseling is free of charge. In fact all businesses headquartered in Oakland County with fewer than 100 employees already qualify for free assistance from the One-Stop Shop Business Center. 

The Center can help business owners find talent, create a marketing plan, grow revenue, raise capital and much more. If interested tell the team at Oakland County that Bashore Green sent you. Call 248-858-0783 or visit the One-Stop Shop Business Center online to learn more.

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