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Personal Injury - Truck Accidents

When tractor-trailers and buses are driven carelessly they can become lethal weapons. Due to the sheer size and weight of commercial vehicles, a collision between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck can be disastrous, even fatal, and the resulting costs can take a tremendous toll on the lives of the people involved and their families.

The vast majority of truck drivers work hard to make a living and take careful precautions to drive safely. However, there are others that do not take these same precautions and too often, accidents occur because:

• Driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol        
• Driver operated the vehicle unsafely

• Driver was fatigued from driving too many hours      
• Driver made an error in judgment

• Truck was carrying a large, unstable load      
• The truck experienced equipment failure

• Truck failed to meet current inspection standards      
• The truck had defective equipment

These and other contributing factors pose a serious safety risk to the rest of us on the road. Special trucking safety regulations apply to truck drivers and their employers. Motor carriers are required to train drivers regarding applicable regulations and to have adequate management systems in place to monitor their compliance. Violations of these regulations can constitute negligence.

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