Death Benefits - Flower Policies

(Bashore Green Law Group – August 7, 2019) Death benefits or Flower Policies, are an insurance policy generally intended to cover the basic expenses in the event of the untimely passing of a loved one. These policies are usually favorable to low-income families due to their small monthly payments and the promises made by the insurance companies.

The application process is not difficult. The insurance companies ask a few general medical questions and those questions’ answers are based on the current knowledge of the applicant.

For instance, a client had a niece who had a tough upbringing and as a “just in case” scenario, purchased a policy for her. Unfortunately, their niece passed away under tough circumstances and the insurance company denied their death benefit claim. The insurance rep said that there circumstances that should have been known and therefore the policy could not be paid. However, the questions asked at the application process were to be answered “to the best of [his] knowledge” and that is just what was done. Eventually, with the assistance of Bashore Green Law Group, the insurance company was pressed to pay the death benefit, as they should have in the beginning.

This is not an anomaly. Stories like this are being heard nationwide, and insurance companies are getting away with this absurd behavior. Bashore Green Law Group will fight for your rights, getting what was promised to you or your loved one. There’s no need for you to experience additional financial stress on top of your grief and loss. Your phone call is free – a no-obligation consultation.

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