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Our team of experienced lawyers are able to meet with you in-person in our Pontiac office or remotely by video and/or phone calls. While our team members are working at both home and the office, we are available five days a week and all working to make sure our client needs are met. Contact us to set up an appointment at 248-209-6009 or 586-803-0500 or by email at info@bglawpc.com.

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Our team is experienced in auto, truck, and motorcycle accident claims, particularly when there are medical bills that are impacting our clients. We’ll help you get what you deserve.


Life insurance policies promise financial security after a loved one passes away. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may deny life policy claims and break their promise to provide you the benefits you thought you had secured. We will fight for your rights and help you and your family receive the death benefits that are deserved.


We assist with cases for dog bites, product liability, medical provider claims, slip and falls, wrongful death cases and class action lawsuits among other personal injury cases.


We represent a diverse client base including with Arbitration and Mediation services for small and large corporations, partnerships, and limited liability entities, as well as directors, officers, shareholders, managing partners, and limited partners. The matters we handle cover the full spectrum of business, involving traditional litigation, arbitrations, facilitations, mediations, and appeals.

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