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Life Insurance & Survivor Benefits

Life insurance policies promise financial security after a loved one passes away. If there is coverage, the insurance company agrees to pay beneficiaries (the survivors selected in the policy agreement) a sum of money called a life insurance death benefit.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies may deny life policy claims and break their promise to provide you the survivor benefits you thought you had secured. In fact, insurance companies have a financial incentive to collect premiums and pay out less in benefits, thereby increasing their bottom line. This conflict of interest can motivate insurance companies to improperly deny your life insurance policy claim. In some cases, the vague nature of the insurance policy application questions may confuse policyholders as to actual benefits available, and the insurance company may try to leverage this uncertainty.

How Bashore Green Can Help

Has a life insurance benefit you were expecting not been paid? Here are 4 steps you can take to track down a survivors benefit owed to you after a loved one died:

  • Gather all information about the policy – dates, details, etc.
  • Secure a copy of the death certificate of your loved one
  • Gather any documentation about communications you have had with the insurance company, including agent or contact names
  • Contact Bashore Green to have us help research your options

We only get paid when you get paid! Together we can make sure that the financial means your family member wanted for you will be paid.

Bashore Green Law Group will fight for your rights, getting what was promised to you or your loved one. There’s no need for you to experience additional financial stress on top of your grief and loss. Your phone call is free – a no-obligation consultation.

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