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Personal Injury - Slip and Fall

Owners or possessors of land, premises or a place of business are responsible under the law for maintaining the premises in a reasonably safe condition.

Some examples of unsafe conditions are:

• wet floors   
• slippery substances

• liquids     
• melting ice, slush or snow

• black ice   
• broken or loose steps or stairs

• broken flooring   
• ripped carpeting

• defective railings   
• broken cement or asphalt

• defective doors   
• defective shelving or display

• smashed or spilled food items
• failure to put out mats or signs to warn

The owner or possessor has a duty to exercise ordinary care to protect people from unreasonable risks of injury. If a person falls, slips or trips upon a condition which is considered to be unreasonably dangerous, that person may be entitled to recover compensation for bodily injures as well as other damages sustained, including economic losses and damages. 

Slip and falls can lead to very serious injuries ranging from fractures, neck and back injuries to traumatic brain injuries. Under some circumstances, a slip and fall may be considered the fault of the property owner. However, there is sometimes a fine distinction as to when a property owner is at fault rather than the individual such as a defect or condition on the property that is visible. 

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